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Afew is the trend of the shop and the German boots brand Diadora cooperation in Italy, bringing a new shoe Afew x Diadora V7000 'Highly Addictive', this pair of shoes inspired you SNEAKERHEAD for shoes shoes is addictive, they treat addiction medicine, so the shoe is designed to be the drug packaging feel, shoes are sealed in the "capsule", very interesting. It is reported that this Afew x Diadora V7000 'Highly Addictive' will be listed in April. is Jordan Brand Sneakerhead RE2PECT series of legends Derek Jeter, a legend on the baseball field. I believe many of them are not new. This month, Jordan Brand continues to bring "RE2PECT" products, including Air, Jordan 1, Mid, Jeter, Re2pect, Jordan, Lunar, Grind, Jordan, Hydro, 6, slide. It covers sports, leisure, training, and life.Chinese shoes Network December 17 hearing, a major breakthrough in the golf industry! Today, golfers expect the assistance of the innovation of technology, and the court can have closer contact. And shoes for the performance and stability of the swing provides the perfect foundation to become heavily dependent on the player's personal equipment. Stability shoes, balance and comfort, allowing the player's feet more perfect fit grass court surface. So adidas Golf deliberately break with tradition, for the unprecedented "affixed to" experience, developed a new golf shoe system, which is equipped with PINS (to strengthen the performance of the insert system) THiNTech generation technology. With extensive knowledge in the field of other sports, as well as close cooperation with global professional athletes, adidas Golf team found that the lower the golfer's center of gravity position, real-time performance, the better the results. But by the previous technical limitations, this study can not be effectively carried out. Adidas Golf footwear Dave Ortley, Senior Director, said: "We are not satisfied with today's industry in general addenda system; 'close fit is' Player of the stadium grass surface can not meet the standards we require therefore decided to re-develop the entire system. with Pride Sports (with cleat design a world-renowned manufacturer Fast Twist spikes), successfully developed a new generation of THiNTech spikes combined with thin spikes mechanism PINS system. "than in the past golf shoes, the collection more innovation and technology in one product can lower the center of gravity of 32%. PGA Tour professional golf player Sergio Garcia throughout his career, choose Adidas golf shoes as a game partner, and became one of the first to test a new generation of integration technology THiNTech shoes PINS players. Sergio said: "There is no doubt, and I fee Cheap air jordans for sale l more close to the stadium grass surface, just like wearing sneakers shoes as the low center of gravity, higher stability, more help I vigorously swing.." University of Calgary (University of Calgary) sports biomechanics scientist Dr Ian Wright recently participated in a study on golf shoes slimmer advantage. "We have a variety of different brand manufacturer of golf shoes were a number of mechanical tests, to quantify the level of stability of these shoes, Adidas golf shoes into the next generation THiNTech technology, in several rounds of tests were rated as' stability Highest shoes'. " The first generation of technology into the PINS Adidas golf shoes THiNTech TOUR360 4.0, will appear in retail stores nationwide from December 2009 for sale. The epoch-making designed golf shoes, and also has an unprecedented number of other advanced technologies, such as providing additional stability 360WRAP racking system, as well as a breakthrough TPU POWERBAND CHASSIS structure footbed. 2010, Adidas golf shoes All models will use a new generation of technology PINS THiNTech patented technology to further enhance the stability, balance and overall strength of sneakers products to meet the needs of different levels of golfer . Challenge ultra-low center of gravity limits, meaning unusual, it also reflects the adidas Golf continues to lead the industry determination.jordan Step 1 popular blackvarsity lilac jordan You 2001 preference,Nike Air Max 2011 Mens An innovative new absolutely new couple of Tours can be exclusively test cmft sloth 16 leatherette all you necessary to profile upwards which set of clothing. 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Simple shoes, coupled with a thick outsole, combined with the inherent definitely look perfect. It is worth mentioning that, since it is BHM (Black History Month) shoes, it is ultimately the nature of black, matched with one red and one green shoe to take the lead, definitely will Quickstrike shoes vibrant side fully demonstrated in the majority in front of the trend of people. As for the price Well, 57 euros definitely value for money, such as high cost and the like seemingly not enough words to describe, like friends really do not miss it. Related news& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network August 13 hearing, did not improve the product in Japan priced at about 70 yuan & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; If you see an guy wearing a pair of "soil falling," the Green Army shoe shopping, you do not surprised. Today, this has long been transformed people abandoned military shoes, has become the darling of fashion. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, a "Japan's latest wave of product actually is this" post was friends crazy reproduced, the protagonist is this commonly known as "Jiefang Xie" green army shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The reporter then logged Japan several large shop, were found this green military shoes, priced at about RMB 70 yuan. In China, the same shoes sell more than ten dollars. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday, the reporter contacted several to produce "Jiefang Xie" based shoe, they said, a large part of the past two years are foreign orders, Europe accounted for the majority. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sirius shoe factory in Jiaozuo responsible person told reporters that their "liberation shoes" is improved over the shoes more breathable after modification, the style is also more in line with foreign people's aesthetic standards. These shoes are now sold abroad, production has exceeded 200 million, accounting for more than sixty percent of the total. In the US, a pair improved over the "Jiefang Xie" even sold $ 65, the same price with Nike. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; by foreign influence, the reporter found that this shoe in the country will also gradually have fans. A Taobao "Jiefang Xie" seller Xiaozhu told reporters, buy online this shoe is not the major groups of migrant workers, but a group of 80, many people are for collection."What the" color appear largely on the shoes classic summary, relatively gorgeous color collocation is good for the street will run, but the volume is less so that many fans have a headache. Recently the shoes custom designer Malcolm Garret to create Air Jordan 1 "What the Legend" color. Air Jordan Michael Jordan 1 is for my best tribute, but the color Malcolm Garret also selected Magic Johnson and Larry Bird for inspiration, continue to pay tribute to the three retired basketball legend. The shape of the official color "What the" color, with blue and yellow, red and green four colors for the whole show, is the direct embodiment of the three team. It is reported that the Malcolm Garret Air Jordan What the to create 1 Legend color to see more on the Malcolm Garret website, please note. Air Jordan can be said to be the city's main shoes popular legion, alone is engraved enough to make people look forward to the color. If people look forward to the most recent Air Jordan shoes, in addition to the end of his Air Jordan 11, another pair of shoes is a super expected white cement Air Jordan nickname 4 "White Cement". This year in 1989 to be loyal to maintain color classic styling, lime, more amazing is the shoe tail of logo will be the most classic "NIKE AIR" logo. But this also belongs to the remastered series, believe in quality assurance is quite. It is reported that the white cement will be released in February 13th next year, priced at $220. Interested friends must be and wallet Jun good communication, reserve a silver bullet to meet this double super popular for sale. Text: Kobe source: Sneakerfiles2008-12-15 10:15 source: Yongjia net Author: Yongjia net Click: second Huanglong, a shoe enterprise staff because of dissatisfaction with the director, stole a computer in the factory and more than 300 employee ID card. The day before, Huanglong police cracked the case. Huanglong police station police said, in November 9th, Huanglong street, a shoe manufacturer, Mr. Xue ran to the report, said the factory has a customer information and a computer more than 300 employees ID stolen. If the suspects use these Huanglong shoes, an employee of the company because of dissatisfaction with the director, stole a computer in the factory and more than 300 employee ID card. The day before, Huanglong police cracked the case. Huanglong police station said that in November 9th, Huanglong street in a shoe person in charge Mr. Xue to institute report, said the factory has customer data to a computer and more than 300 employees of ID theft. if criminal suspects use these ID cards to do illegal things, the consequences will be serious. Huanglong police station for full investigation of the case. After investigation found that the factory staff Chen has a major crime suspects. according to Chen explained, in October this year, he came to Wenzhou from Guangdong, defected to his parents, and with his parents into the Huanglong street, a shoe prices. Dissatisfied with the supervisor, he got the idea to revenge the factory. Chen said, stealing identity cards is to bring trouble to the factory. at present, Chen has been criminal detention. The case is still under further investigation. (editor in chief: admin)As early as 2013 on the network exposure on this version of Air Jordan 11 Tuxedo color Low, the classic black and white color simpleyet Zhuanzu shoes many eyeballs, but this also failed to enter the Jordan Brand sale list. Recently, foreign game player again released this picture, nylon fabric, leather shoes and outsole by black lining and insole throughout, and then use the white collocation, presumably a lot of shoes and many for its title Oreo. At present, there is still no sign of the sale, interested friends may wish to find traces of landing eBay. air-jordan-11-low-tuxedo-1.jpg (330.21 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Low Tuxedo 2015-9-30 09:31 upload Jordan, network 00